Xiaomi Redmi 9A Review 2020

Hello and welcome to TECHNO PASHTO! My name is WARIS and this is Redmi 9A review.

This is the most budget price phone of Xiaomi, at this moment, which is launched in Pakistan a few days ago. I want to say this at the beginning of the ARTICLE, that I really liked this phone a lot.

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Only one variant of this phone is launching in Pakistan with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. And its retail price is given Rs 14,600/- And if you are interested in buying this phone, then I’m leaving a link in the description box below.

I will start the review with the two things that are not a big plus point of this phone according to me. I just found them ‘okay’. And that is, this phone’s build quality and materials and this phone’s camera.

If we talk about the build quality, the build of Redmi 9A is of plastic which is normal for this price range.

There is no Gorilla Glass protection on the phone. And in the price range under Rs 15,000/- you can not even see Gorilla Glass far and wide anyways.

The back of the phone is of this matte finish which comes by very thin lines. If we talk about its look, the look of Redmi 9A seemed quite sober and clean to me.

There is no shiny gradience over here. No pre-applied screen protector comes with the phone, nor any protective case comes along with the phone in the box.

Therefore overall, build quality and materials are quite basic. Let’s talk about the camera now.

A very basic kind of setup is given here as well. At the back, there is a 13MP Solo Camera of f/2.2 aperture whereas, on the front side there is a 5MP selfie shooter of 2.2 aperture for selfies. For front and back camera, both, the maximum ARTICLE recording resolution is set to 1080p at 30 frames per second. The quality of the back camera is very basic.

This camera requires a lot of light to take good pictures.

Xiaomi Redmi 9A Review 2020
Xiaomi Redmi 9A Review 2020

And this is why images come out blurry and soft most of the time. But the colour reproduction of the camera seemed fine to me. Whereas the dynamic range is also usable.

This camera takes decent images in good lightening. But obviously, when you enter the price range of under Rs 15,000/- then you have to sacrifice a few features.

But guys, let’s start from here to talk about as to why I liked this phone?

The first reason for that is this phone’s display.

Xiaomi has also made the slogan of this phone as DISPLAY KAMAAL, BATTERY DHAMAAL (Amazing Display, Wow Battery) There is 6.53 inches big IPS LCD Display in Redmi 9A, with an HD+ resolution, which is 720 x 1600 And its pixel density is given as 269ppi. According to Xiaomi, the maximum brightness of this panel is 400 nits.

And this dewdrop notch is given over the display.

So the first plus point of this phone is that its display is very big in size. And because of a big display, you get more screen real estate.

You get a better experience while watching movies your gaming experience get better as well and personally, I like big displays more because of that. Along with that, the display quality also seemed fine to me I don’t have any issues with colours and sharpness in 720p either like I have mentioned in many ARTICLE before. I don’t feel any pixelation. So in your day-to-day experience with this display, you will not have any issues regarding that. Moving forwards, we will talk about this phone’s specifications and internals. And here lies this phone’s another plus point. And that is that MediaTek Helio G-25 chipset is given here. Along with it, there is a Power VR GE8320 GPU.

The phone comes with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage.

But as far as the chipset or the processor is concerned, meaning G-25, I really liked its performance. First of all, it is an Octa-core processor.

Under Rs 15,000/- price range you will get quad-core processors in most phones because of which the performance of these phones are reduced, you often feel lag while menu scrolling and other things like that.

But in this phone, because an Octa-core processor is given here, this processor can bear heavier tasks than a quad-core processor.

If we do a Benchmark result comparison, then you can see that at least for Antutu, the performance of Helio 25 is just slightly less than Helio P35 And this is a very delightsome thing because right now, Helio P35 competes around Rs 19,000/- to Rs 20,000/- price range And we have also seen a few phones in Rs 25,000/- or Rs 26,000/- price range as well in which MediaTek Helio P35 was given.

Therefore, overall, the performance of Helio G-25 in Rs 14,600/- price point, is the best in class according to me.

You cannot get a better processor in this price range.

Now, I know that Helio G-series processors are called the gaming processors. But here, in G-25, do not expect your games to run on high settings.

Most of your games, like Call of Duty: Mobile too, will run on low settings but you will get a fine frame rate. And the game would run quite smoothly. But still, its the price range you might feel slight stutters here and there.

But overall, in my experience, I did not feel any issues.

Moving forwards if we talk about expansion, there is a full dual SIM support in the phone two SIMs and a micro SD card, can all be used simultaneously.

And if talk about interface, then the phone comes with Android 10, out of the box.

Over which, Xiaomi’s own MIUI 12 is present. On the basis of interface, my personal preference is always Stock Android and I found its look cleaner every time but here, MIUI 12 is also quite refined by Xiaomi over time. And for day-to-day usage, you will not have any issues.

You get plenty of options here. Moving forwards, I would like to talk about another plus point of this phone and that is its battery and charging setup.

So, just as Xiaomi said, BATTERY DHAMAAL (Wow battery) here, a 5,000 mAh huge battery is given. and the phone comes with a 10W charging along with it.

Now, 5,000 mAh is a sweet spot for me. If the battery is smaller, it seems too small to me and a bigger battery, in this price range, is almost impossible because then the price would increase of this phone. So 5,000 mAh, according to me, is the excellent battery size.

A 10W charging brick is also a plus point, because if it was 5W, then it would’ve taken too long for the battery to charge. If we talk about charging time, this phone will take 3-3,25 hours to get from empty to full charge But this phone is full charged, then its battery life is amazing It will easily give you 1-1.5 days If your usage is light, it might give you 2-2.5 days as well.

I don’t think you will have any issues with this battery.

Xiaomi Redmi 9A Review 2020
Xiaomi Redmi 9A Review 2020

And the reason for that is its 720p display which requires low battery power to run because of lower pixels.

Along with it, the lower processor is also used because of low pixels and the processor also takes up lower battery.

And overall, MediaTek Helio G-25 processor is an underpowered kind of processor already so it will not consume that much battery.

Overall, you are about to get very good battery life.

If battery life is the main priority for you whether you travel a lot, or your work demands it, or you are unable to charge your phone in the middle of the day, this phone will excel over there.

In last I would just like to say, that according to me, Xiaomi has extended its Redmi 9-series domination with Redmi 9A Before this, Redmi Note 9, Note 9S and Note 9 Pro all three phones were appreciated in the market. And I think Redmi 9A is about to dominate under Rs 15,000/- price range.

It seems as if 9 is a lucky number for Redmi.

But over the years, we have seen that Redmi has offered good features at lower prices and because of that, consumers really like this brand.

By giving a big screen, big battery and a budget gaming processor, Xiaomi made this an all-rounder phone. So according to me, this phone is good for all types of users.

Whether you want a phone for office work, or you want a phone for gaming or to use social media apps, and if you do casual photography, this phone will work there as well, to some extent.

So at the end of the day, I think that Redmi 9A, under Rs 15,000/- price range, I can recommend to anyone openly.

If you are looking for a phone under Rs 15,000/- price range, I would recommend you to try Redmi 9A you will not be devastated.

What are your thoughts on Redmi 9A? Do let me know in the comment section below. That is all for this ARTICLE. I hope you liked it.

I will meet you in the next ARTICLE. Goodbye!

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