Technology in the World

Technology in the World

Technology is the first way of developing world industrial life. This made people worldwide

more civilized. Once it conducted practically, it lightens the way of life for humanity throughout the world.

People were not much touched at an ancient time because it was not such developed as now. However, nowadays countless people are stacked at technology. Some of the professional people promoting the technology some of the people are using it. The most amazing thing is that, that those things became possible about what the ancient and today’s people thought that doing these things are impossible. Such as journey to the moon, Mars and so on.
The technology divulged with these revolutionary things such as a computer, mobile, vehicle, computer-related software. Either social media related software such as twitter Facebook telegram Instagram or communications software such as what’s up, Imo, and  Tik Tok and more.


First computer invention made a great revolution in human civilization around the world as at the ancient time it was at an initial stage not well-developed and was not as magnificent as today it has been highly promoted nowadays the technology can do many tasks at the same time Even the tasks are very ambiguous or difficult

Computer has such specialties that any kinds of hardship jobs are done just in a few seconds. It is not as human to be bored and exhausted. We can say that the computer brought great changes to the word.


second, the revolution which made the word closer as even as a village is called the internet. Internet is the means of communication, documentation, uploading, downloading, blogging and so on. You can acquaint the culture of those people who even you didn’t hear about them in your life. and you can do business online either in every country you want such as the most developed countries as Japan-China America Dubai and more.

Moreover that you can make the relationship with people whom you don’t consider as a friend via the internet. You can see him or write to him video calling to him and more.
• It is also the source of many confidential documents academic information. you can download the information in text form as well as you can download the information in video form as you wish, in which form would you prefer you can download the information. You can easily search in your computer or mobile anywhere at any time. We can also save and store our data and information on the internet more easily except buying a flash or hard disk for it.

Before the internet had launched or invented many social media relative software’s now been made by different companies these apps made using of internet very simple and made simple ways of communication. if we look to these common apps such as Whats up Tik Tok are used by most of the people over the world. These apps made simplicity ways of communication. The social media-related apps such as twitter Facebook telegram what’s up and so on. As you know these apps can be used by either means of communication or by means of social media. If a person wants to talk to someone he or she can also do by the social media apps or if a person wants to use them by means of media he or she can easily use it. So this was a view over about internet.


Finally, the vehicle is also an enormous revolutionary invention for public services and business all around the world. For example, all the merchandises are conveyed or supply by vehicles from one place to another and from country to country. So the public people can also access to this cheaper technology. They can easily carry their goods from a rural area to urban. Besides car is a good way of personal transport for the passenger. The passenger also can ride or travel from one place to another place with the help of vehicles. the vehicle is the means by which we can easily ride, travel or convey merchandises and other goods.


In conclusion, based on my point of view the big revolution has brought around the world by the invention of computer internet and vehicles.


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