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Navigating the PHSC AA Requirements: Your Comprehensive Guide

You’ve already made a huge step towards furthering your education and profession if you’re thinking about pursuing an Associate of Arts in Physical Science (PHSC AA) degree. It’s crucial to fully comprehend the PHSC AA standards to ensure a pleasant voyage. We’ll outline the requirements in detail, give a printable PDF for your convenience, and address frequently asked questions in this extensive guide.

Understanding PHSC AA Requirements

A foundational education in the physical sciences, including chemistry, physics, and mathematics, is what the PHSC AA degree is meant to give students. This degree can serve as a launching pad for professions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) or as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline. You must fulfil particular academic and credit requirements, as listed below, in order to receive your PHSC AA.

General Education Requirements

a. English Composition: A minimum of two English composition courses must be finished. These programmes usually aim to improve your communication and writing abilities.

b. Humanities: A variety of humanities courses, such as those in literature, history, philosophy, and the arts, are often required for the PHSC AA programme.

c. Social Sciences: A series of social science courses that may include psychology, sociology, anthropology, or economics will be required of you.

d. Mathematics: The physical sciences depend on mathematics heavily. At least two maths courses, frequently including calculus and algebra, will be needed of you.

e. Natural Sciences: You’ll need to study several natural science courses because they make up the majority of the PHSC AA programme. These classes often address topics in physics, earth sciences, and chemistry.

f. Physical Education/Wellness: As part of the general education requirements, several programmes incorporate physical education or wellness courses.

g. Additional General Education Courses: You might need to take additional classes in subjects like communication, critical thinking, and diversity, depending on your university.

Elective Courses

Depending on your interests and professional objectives, you will be able to select from a set number of elective courses. The physical sciences or other fields of study may be the subject of these electives.

Total Credit Hours

A minimum of 60–64 credits are normally required to obtain a PHSC AA degree. The general education prerequisites, elective courses, and any other program-specific requirements are included in this.

GPA Requirements

To earn an AA in PHSC, you must keep your GPA above a certain level. The majority of programmes demand a GPA of 2.0 or better, however it’s critical to confirm the precise requirements of your institution.

Capstone Experience

A capstone experience, such as a senior seminar, research project, or internship, may be necessary for some PHSC AA programmes so that you may use what you’ve learned in a practical setting.

Downloadable PDF: PHSC AA Requirements

You can get a printable PDF document that details the PHSC AA requirements in order to make it simpler for you to stay on top of them by clicking here.The above prerequisites are listed in this paper as a checklist that you can tick off as you accomplish each one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it typically take to complete a PHSC AA degree?

A: Several factors, like as whether you attend school full- or part-time, and whether you have any prior college credits, can affect how long it takes you to complete a PHSC AA degree. The degree is typically earned after two years of full-time study.

Can I transfer my PHSC AA credits to a four-year university?

A: A four-year university will typically accept your PHSC AA credits, therefore the answer is usually yes. Arranging articulation agreements between schools and universities makes it simpler to transfer credits between them. To guarantee a seamless transfer process, it is crucial to confirm with the specific university you intend to attend.

What careers can I pursue with a PHSC AA degree?

A: An AA in PHSC can lead to a number of different professional choices. Lab technician, research assistant, science journalist, environmental consultant, and science educator are a few examples of frequent professional routes. The diploma is frequently used by graduates as a stepping stone towards a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject.

Do I need to have a strong background in science to pursue a PHSC AA degree?

A: A solid scientific background is not usually necessary to start a PHSC AA programme, though it might be helpful. You can choose from a variety of courses that are created to give you the fundamental knowledge you need to excel in the physical sciences. But enthusiasm for science and an openness to learning are necessary.

Can I complete a PHSC AA degree online?

A: Yes, a lot of colleges and universities provide online choices for PHSC AA degree completion. For students who need schedule flexibility, online programmes can be a practical option. Just make sure the online programme you select is certified and aligned with your academic and professional objectives.


A gratifying job in the physical sciences or other related professions may be attainable with the help of a PHSC AA degree, which is a noteworthy accomplishment. You can maintain your progress towards achieving your academic and career objectives by being aware of and adhering to the PHSC AA standards. Keep in mind to use the printable PDF checklist supplied in this guide to assist you in staying organised and tracking your progress as you work towards obtaining your PHSC AA degree. Don’t be afraid to contact your academic advisor for advice and support if you have any more queries or require more help.

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