new 5 online movies app for android 2023

new online movies app for android

There are many apps that provide to watch free online movies. Our site is the first one that helps you provides those apps that help you and they are the best one of play store. We always recommend those apps which we have seen and checked. Today we bring 5 online movies app that help you a lot to watch online movies that are not available on YouTube or other sites. These apps are very good and we try to collect the best one for you. You have to follow the procedure and download that app which we are going to tell you. These apps are Netflix, GoMovies, IMDb, 123Movies, Mflix. These are the apps where you can watch any movie for free but Netflix provides you paid services.

1 new app for android

Netflix is an app that is very popular among the world. It is use by many people. People buy its subscription and use it monthly. It is the best one among all as it has every movie as old as movie was introduces and as new as not available on other platform. This is the best site we recommend this to every one because it is the best one. It has everything series, movies and games. It is rated by the people as 4.3 stars and is reviewed by 13.3 million people. It is downloaded by 1 billion people. This site is very popular one subscription can allow 6 people to use it. The number download shows that many people like it. We have seen many other apps but its reviews compel us to put this app as number one and recommend it you as best one.

2 new app for android

IMDb movie is another app that is free and fantastic. You can watch movies for free and select your favorite show that reminds you when they will be hire on TV. You can watch any movie for free. This is the best one as it is free and do not need any subscription. So you can rate it as the best one as free. It is also liked by most of the people. You not only watch movies but you can watch different shows and can see the time of the shows and serials. You can watch those thing in this app. It can also help you to see the release date of movies and can buy online tickets. It is rated as 4.3 stars and it is reviewed by 862k people. It is downloaded by 10 million people. We recommend this on second number as this app provides you many thing and you have to take benefits of it. We have seen many apps in comparison of this app but we do not seen good app then this. So you should download this app to watch online movies.

3 new app for android

Gomovies is an app that is best for new TV shows films and serials. This is the best place if you want to watch HD quality movies and serial. It has a huge library where you can find movies from Hollywood Bollywood, chine movies, japanmovies and etc. it is the best app as it provides all movies in HD quality. It is 3rd app we are telling you and this is the best one for all movies. You can watch documentary, horror movies, comedy, music and sports. You watch this all online through this app in HD quality. We have seen the library of other app but we did not find such thing there and they lack the features that this app has. We recommend you this app to install and enjoy movies without paying any money. You need to install this app from play store. It is rated 4.5 stars as by the people. It has 11.7k reviews and is downloaded by 100k people. People give good reviews and they also recommend it to other people to watch different thing in it.

4 new app for android

123 Movies is another app that is new but it provides Bollywood and Hollywood movies. It is also very good app it has less reviews but it is the best one. We recommend this app to for Hollywood and Bollywood movies. You can watch daily TV shows Tamil movies and other TV program. It is best app for those who want to watch Tamil movies and everyday programs. It provides movies, short film and web series. It is downloaded by 10k people reviewed by 96 people and rated as 4.3 stars. It is good app and if you want to watch the above thing you should install this app.

5 new app for android

Mflix is an app that provides online movies and tv shows. It also has the best reviews and good one to watch movies. It is rated as 4.2 and is downloaded by 500k people. It has 2.96k reviews. You can watch new movies and TV shows online through this app.

The above all apps are the best one. We have searched them for and can see the name and download it directly to watch online movies for free. these are the best apps and you take benefits of it.


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