Huawei P40 Pro Plus | Unboxing and Impressions 2020

Hello and welcome to TECHNOPASHTO.COM! My name is WARIS.

And this is our unboxing of Huawei P40 Pro Plus and our first impressions.

This is basically part of the P40 line up by Huawei which includes P40, P40 Pro and our device today, P40 Pro Plus.

This phone is not being officially launched in Pakistan however, Huawei has sent this to us to test out for a few days so that we can show it to you and bring you some related content.

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So, Huawei P40 Pro Plus is THE flagship phone by Huawei.

Basically Huawei has activated the Beast Mode.

This phone has only one RAM variant, with 8GB RAM but there are two storage variants 256GB or 512GB built-in storage Our device for today came with 8GB RAM and 512GB built-in storage In this phone there are two major upgrades over P40 Pro.

The first upgrade, which is also the main upgrade, is in the camera which we will talk about further in the article.

And the second thing is that this time the build quality has been upgraded. Where last time, P40 Pro had a glass and metal build, this time the P40 Pro Plus is made of ceramic.

Meaning, the phone back as well as the frame is made of ceramic.

There’s a glass at the front but without any Gorilla Glass.

One reason for this can be that the Gorilla Glass manufacturing company “Corning” is an American company.

But this Ceramic is far superior to Gorilla Glass. Ceramic is considered the most elite material in mobile phones at this point even superior to glass or metal.

One reason for this is that Ceramic is more durable provides better drop resistance Can better tolerate scratches Along with it, Ceramic also looks very premium, so, when you hold a ceramic phone in hand you will feel that you are holding something expensive.

At the right side of the phone is its power button in this contrast red colour – and volume keys whereas, there’s a noise cancellation mic at the top. And interestingly there’s also an IR blaster given at the top by which you can use this phone as a remote controller and you can control your AC, TV and things like that. At the bottom, there is a sim tray a USB Type-C port and a speaker.

By the way, this phone does not have a dual speaker setup, but a single speaker given at the bottom.

Let’s move to the Display, the Display is not that big in this price range.

Normally, these beast phones, are huge in size. But here, there is a 6.58 inches OLED panel, which has a maximum resolution of Full HD+ that is 1200 x 2640.

With a pixel density of 441 PPI.

There’s an in-display Optical fingerprint sensor inside the display, although it is not an Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor.

On first look, the speed seems really good.

and the fingerprint sensor feels very responsive.

There is also HDR 10 present in the display but the most important thing about this display is its high refresh rate.

This is a 90Hz Display, meaning its display refreshes 90 times in a second, where 60Hz normal panels refresh 60 times in a second and what this does is that when you are using the phone you feel more smoothness If you put a 60Hz and a 90Hz panel side-by-side you will sense a lot of difference.

And along with the smoothness, many people feel the phone to be faster with high refresh rate panels, which we call, “Perceived Speed”.

This feature is very common in the latest flagship phones, now we are also seeing this in mid-range and upper mid-range price segments.

Moving forward we will talk about the internals and specifications of Huawei P40 Pro Plus, again, ‘Beast Mode’ there are some amazing specs given here, So, inside the phone, there’s a Kirin 990 5G chipset by HiSilicon which is based on a 7nm architecture.

Along with it, there is Mali G76 GPU. The phone comes with UFS 3.0 Storage whereas, in most of the phones in this price range you will see UFS 3.1 Storage. But still, this is a minor thing.

Along with it, if we talk about expansion, a hybrid SIM slot is given in the phone, which means you can insert two SIMs in here or one SIM and one nano memory card which is Huawei’s own proprietary memory card, if you want to expand its memory But I don’t think that you would need it that much since there is a built-in 512GB storage given in it which should be enough for most people.

Moving forward, let’s talk about the most important topic, for Huawei phones, that is its interface and app support.

So, out of the box the phone has Android 10.

0 on top of which there’s Huawei’s own Emotion UI.

But neither are there Google Services in this phone nor does this phone come preloaded with Google apps.

Which means in this phone Youtube, Gmail, Google Maps etc.

does not come preinstalled and if you do want to install these, there are some shady ways.

So basically it experiences will be without all of these apps.

Alongside this, there are some apps which depend upon Google Services framework, so, even if you download and install their APKs these apps will still not work.

And in my Nova 7i review I had said that there were a lot of Pakistani local apps that were not working in that phone BUT I would like to update something here, for quite some time now, we are observing that Huawei is concentrating a lot on their Huawei

App Gallery. And when I reviewed the Nova 7i even then, some banking apps were not working on that phone.

But the good news is that when I set up this phone last night, I saw some of our local banking apps in this Huawei App Gallery.

Along with this, a company like Huawei, with as much muscle as it has, it is on the level of Samsung, Apple, Google.

Its size is quite big.

And they are using their muscle now, to strengthen their app gallery.

Therefore, when you’ll visit local ATMs, you will see that along with Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Huawei App Gallery icons will also appear.

So overall, I think this whole situation is going towards a better thing, but still before buying this phone or any other Huawei phone once check if your important day to day apps are running fine in this phone.

Along with that, I don’t have much issue from Google Apps because YouTube, Gmail, and Google Maps all of their replacements are available.

You can watch YouTube in the browser.

Instead of Gmail, download some other client for android. And instead of Google Map, Waze can be used.

So, there are definitely ways around.

Moving forward, we will talk about the battery and charging setup of the phone, there is a 4200mAh battery inside this phone, but, the fast charging support given is really great.

Along with the phone, you get a 40W power brick inside the box which means that this phone will take less than an hour to charge from empty to full which means around 50 minutes.

Along with it this phone also supports 40W super-fast wireless charging as well as 27W reverse wireless charging.

Which means, with this phone you can charge your devices faster, wirelessly.

But the thing I didn’t like about this phone is that it’s the battery size.

In a lot of brands we are seeing that, where super-fast charging is given, the brand has a tendency to lower down its battery size.

and this is understandable because 4,200 mAh battery can pass the whole day for most people and if your battery is draining earlier, then you can top it up.

But with a big battery, I personally feel the power.

You have a feeling that I have a device with a great battery.

If charged once it can go on and on.

Therefore, to me, 5,000 to 6,000 mAh batteries are more appealing, 4,200 mAh always turns me off a little bit.

So since we’re talking about Beast Mode here, it would’ve been better if the battery was bigger, and this could’ve been a better product overall.

But still, I don’t have any big complaints with the battery and charging setup Now let’s talk about the biggest selling point of Huawei P40 Plus – Pro – Max (joke) and that is its camera.

So, at the back, you have, not a triple, nor quad, but a Quintuple (Penta) Camera Setup, meaning there are five cameras.

In which, there is a 50MP Wide Angle Main Camera which is optically stabilized.

Along with a 40MP Ultra-Wide camera and the major difference over Huawei P40 Pro is that there are two Telephoto cameras here An 8MP normal telephoto camera which gives 3x optical zoom and an 8MP periscope telephoto camera which gives a 10x optical zoom.

And along with these four sensors, a Time-of-flight depth sensor is given.

In total, these are five sensors.

Whereas, on the front side there is 32MP Selfie Shooter (along with a TOF sensor).

So the most marketed feature of this phone is its zoom capabilities.

And there is 10x optical zoom in this phone, and a 100x optical + digital, meaning Hybrid zoom But the usable zoom range out of this will be 20x to 30x, according to me.

Because images will start to blur out after that.

And I showed this same thing in our S20 Ultra review too, that in the phones with 100x zoom usually 50x is the maximum you can go.

For most of the people, images become soft and grainy even after 20x to 30x.

Moving forwards, if we talk about article capabilities, the maximum article recording resolution is 4K (at 60 fps) here.

And if we talk about slow motion, it supports a 1080p at 960 frames per second article recording resolution.

Now obviously, in a first impressions article, I cannot provide you a full analysis of the camera but many people believe that right now, Huawei’s P40 Pro and Pro Plus range are the ‘Camera King’ in the mobile phone universe.

Before this, Huawei’s P30 Pro was also acknowledged a lot.

Many people believed it to be the world’s best camera phone.

Along with it, there is a company, called DXOMark which ranks cameras And they’ve ranked Huawei P40 Pro as number one in mobile phone camera rankings, among all the phones in the world.

The main differences in Huawei P40 Pro Plus over P40 Pro is its camera and its build quality.

The price difference between P40 Pro Plus and P40 Pro is almost $300-$400.

And for this price difference, you get a camera with slightly better zoom capabilities.

Which, according to me, is not a big draw. I don’t make my phone decisions on the basis of zoom capabilities.

Therefore, I don’t think many people would like to give an extra $300-$400 for zooming capabilities.

I liked this phone’s ceramic build more as an upgrade. Ceramic is my favourite material, in any phone.

And if I’ll have to but an ultimate phone, I’ll prefer it to be of ceramic.

So, at the end of the day, I’m not sure if I’ll pay that much for a ceramic build or not Whereas, the camera experience in P40 Pro is the same as in this one, minus the zoom capabilities.

But if we talk about it overall, I think P40 Pro Plus is one of the best flagship phones right now in terms of build quality, display, processor, charging speed and above all, this phone’s camera.

What are your thoughts on P40 Pro Plus? Do let me know in the comment section. What did you like most about it? and what did you dislike? I want to know it all. That’s all for this article. I will meet you in the next article. Good.


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