how to make campfire in little alchemy 1

How to Make a Campfire in Little Alchemy 1: A Comprehensive Guide

The goal of the well-known puzzle game Little Alchemy 1 is to challenge players to combine several materials to produce new ones. Making a campfire is one of the early combos that players frequently try to figure out. A crucial aspect of the game is establishing a campfire, which is a necessary component for making more complicated objects. This thorough guide will take you step-by-step through the creation of a campfire in Little Alchemy 1.

Basic Ingredients

In Little Alchemy 1, you’ll need fire and wood as your primary ingredients to build a campfire. Before moving on to the ultimate combination, you must first develop these components because they constitute the foundation of your campfire.


Fire is one of the fundamental elements in Little Alchemy 1, and it’s relatively easy to make. To create fire, follow these steps:

  1. Open the game and access the basic elements panel.
  2. Combine two “air” elements. This will create “pressure.”
  3. Combine “pressure” with “earth” to create “energy.”
  4. Finally, combine “energy” with “wood” to produce “fire.”


Wood is another essential element required to make a campfire. To create wood, follow these steps:

  1. Start with the basic element “tree.”
  2. Combine “tree” with “fire” to produce “charcoal.”
  3. Combine “charcoal” with “tree” again to create “wood.”

Crafting the Campfire

Now that you have both fire and wood, it’s time to craft your campfire. Follow these steps to combine the elements and make a campfire:

  1. Open the game and access your inventory of elements.
  2. Select the “fire” element.
  3. Drag and drop the “wood” element onto the “fire.”
  4. Wait for the combination to complete, and voila! You’ve successfully created a campfire.

Common FAQs

Little Alchemy 1 players frequently run into several issues as they advance through the game. The following are some typical queries about building a campfire in the game:

Can I make a campfire without fire and wood?

No, you need these two essential components to start a campfire. A campfire must be constructed using fire and wood, which must be combined.

What can I do with a campfire once I’ve created it?

In Little Alchemy 1, a campfire is necessary for creating more complicated ingredients. Combinations of it can be used to make things like “bonfire,” “fireplace,” and “cave.”

Why is my combination not working?

Check that you have both the “fire” and “wood” elements in your inventory if your attempt to make a campfire fails. You won’t be able to start a campfire if one of these components is absent.

What are some other recipes that involve fire and wood?

Fire and wood can be coupled with other materials to produce a variety of game items in addition to a campfire. Using fire and wood, you can create things like “smoke,” “charcoal,” and “bonfire.”

Can I reverse the combination and break down a campfire into fire and wood?

Unfortunately, you cannot reverse the combination in Little Alchemy 1 and disassemble a campfire into its component parts. A campfire cannot be divided back into fire and wood after it has been started.


In Little Alchemy 1, making a campfire is an easy but important stage in the game’s progression. You may create more complicated elements and progress through the game by fusing fire and wood. If you want to find something new and intriguing, don’t forget to investigate alternative fire and wood combinations. You can learn the skill of alchemy and unearth the game’s mysteries with practise and perseverance.

The components and procedures for making a campfire are discussed in this tutorial, along with some frequently asked questions by players. With this information in hand, make your campfire in Little Alchemy 1 and get on with your elemental alchemy adventure!

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