How To Edit Professional Logo

How To Edit Professional Logo

• Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to my site today once again I’m going to share information about logo editing how to edit your own logo on your Android phone.
• Read the post to end I will share some steps for you to edit logo on your Android phone by pixel lab and by PicsArt.


• Pixellab is the most important application for logo editing by this application all YouTube creators making the thumbnail for their video Because by this Application we can make Thumbnail very easily for our videos.
How to Edit logo by Pixellab?
Pixellab is the best application for logo editing, by using Pixellab we can make logos very easily.


Shape: Different shapes is the part of this option which is most important during Editing, shape is very important when we edit our own logo, click on the shape button and add shape for logo.

Text: this is another option which is more important in Editing, by using this option we can add text to our editing, Click on to text button and add text to your logo.

Texture: The most interesting option which is more important for editing, by this option we can add texture to our text and shape.

Font: Add different style to your text by clicking the add button, you can also add a different font from your Android phone or from the internet.

Style: If you want to bold or italics your Text than Click on the text button.

Strock: this is the most and important option which we need in every type of Editing.

Shadow: add Shadow to your text, shape and to your image by clicking on the Shadow button.

3D Text: This is a very important option for all editing you can make the awesome logo by using this option if you want to make your text 3D than click on the 3D button.


The 2nd and the best application for Editing is Picsart which is more important for editing, by this application we can make our photos and logos awesome.

How to use Pics art?
First, you need to download this application and open on your Android phone
• Click on the + button than Create new and select size for editing.
• Add a photo if you want to edit your photo, add shape or text if you want to edit you own logo by Clicking the add photo And add text Button.


Draw: this is the most important option in PicsArt which we need to use every where in editing.

Cutout: if you want to remove the background of your photo for editing; Use this Option for removing the background.

Border: Add border to your editing by clicking the border button, if you want to add inside border click inside button and if you want to outside border click the outside button.

Frame: Choose Different Fram to your Editing by clicking the Fram Button.

Stickers: By using this option you can easily add stickers to your Editing.

Effects: if you want to add effects to your Editing click on the effects button and choose the best Effects for your Editing.

Tools: we have more many options in the tools Button; which all we can use in Editing like; Crop, free crop, shape crop, Dispersion, clone, stretch, motion, selection, curves, adjust, Enhance, tilt-shift, Perspective, resize and Flip/ rotate.
These are all the best option to make Editing awesome.

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