How to Choose and Find the Best Long Tail Keywords 2020

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In this article, I will show you how to increase your traffic and conversions more quickly and with less effort using long-tail keywords.

Now I know that choosing the best and right long-tail keywords for your specific niche and project can be quite difficult and daunting at times but in this article, I’ll outline some examples and best practices that you can use to find the best keywords that will give you the results that you want Hey, everyone! I’m Chiara from technopashto and in this article, we will see

what exactly are long-tail keywords


whyare they so important to increase your traffic and conversions and how you can find the best ones using some SEMrush and non-SEMrush tools, but I suggest you stay until the very end of the article because after the section about the tools I will also show some alternative methods that do not use any specific tools that are free and available for literally everyone so be sure to stay until the end! If you look at this example, you will understand immediately why they’re called this way: they take their name in fact from a graph of Google’ssearch results.

A few terms which are called “the head” of the graph are searched frequently, like in this example “tomato plant”.

The majority of the searches, though, which are the tail of the graph are the longer keywords like “why are my tomato plants turning yellow” and they answer much more specifically to the search intent of the user.

So let’s pretend you have a blog about gardening if you try and rank for words like “tomato plant” it will take you an incredible amount of time and effort because as you can see the average monthly searches are around 22 000but if you try and rank for words like “why are my tomato plants turning yellow” you can see that the average monthly searches are way lower but the conversion rate is way higher.

So we can say that long-tail keywords are keywords that have a low search volume but a very specific intent, in fact, if you try and rank for keywords like “coffee” or “marketing” it will take you an incredible amount of time effort and money and it’s not even guaranteed that you will make it because usually the first positions are held by giants of the niche that are quite impossible to beat, but if you will try and rank for fewer search keywords like “how do I make great coffee at home” or “what do content marketing agencies do” this will give you a much higher chance both in terms of money effort and time to position and Rankin higher positions in less time.

Why long-tail keywords are key for boosting traffic and conversions

well, first of all, it’s much easier to rank.

If you try and rank for just as I said before a head keyword like “marketing” “coffee”, “football”, “MacBook” and stuff like that it’s gonna be almost impossible but if you try and target long-tail keywords that are specific for your niche will give you a much higher chance Number 2:a more targeted audience someone who’s looking for a long tail keyword probably ready to make a commitment or to make a purchase because these keywords just as I said before are very specific.

These people already know what they want they just need to find it so they might find you! Number 3: less expensive advertising just as I said before it’s going to be really complicated to rank for head keywords because everybody is already trying to rank for those and in Google Ads, they are probably very very expensive.

What you should do is to try and rank for long-tail keywords because also in google Ads these keywords will be much less expensive.

How can you find the best long-tail keywords.

How Can You Find The Best Long-Tail Keywords
How Can You Find The Best Long-Tail Keywords

There are some principles that can help you create a list of the best long-tail keywords that will help you increase your traffic and conversions but before we find those I need to ask you two questions and you need to be ready to answer them the first one is what kind of people are exactly looking for what you’re offering? Once you know this will be much easier to identify your target audience and it would be much easier to identify the right keywords that will trigger them to make an action on your website to purchase or commitment.

The second question is why exactly should they choose you over your competition? What is your competitive advantage? Because it should be something that is already clear when people are googling for something if they find you have you used the right keywords that already make them understand what you’re about and why you’re better than your competition.

Tools To Find Lists of Potential Long-Tail Keywords

Tools to find lists of potential keywordsI’m gonna give you now a small list of tools that you can use to create great lists of long-tail keywords and these tools are keyword magic tool topic research keyword gap tool and google ads keyword planner but just as I said in the intro be sure to stay until the very end of this article because after I’m done with these four tools I’ll share with you some alternative method that you should definitely not miss now let’s start with the keyword magic tool you can input keywords and select your country and technopashto will provide you with a list of keywords that are correlated your seed keyword here, for example, I have put “tomato plant”let’s pretend I’m interested only in how to grow tomato plants so I can check all the words correlated with “grow” like “can I grow a tomato plant in a pot” “can I grow tomato plants in pots” as you can see here variations which are extremely important.

All these keywords have a very low search volume but you can also see that they don’t cost anything because their cases 0 and they also have a lot of SERP features: feature snippet, reviews, article carousels, Adwords top, site links.

All of these that you can actually try and trigger by using these keywords inside of your content and if you want some more longtail ideas you should definitely check the topic research tool which is a tool that will allow you to find correlated topics related to your queried long long-tail keyword in topic research I have inserted here as the keyword “grow tomato plants” of course it’s always best to start already with the long-tail keywords that we have found


maybein the keyword magic tool so what I’m given as a resultis a list of related keywords and recent headlinesrelated to my keyword in a card format as you can see here “potting soil”, “cherrytomatoes”, “room temperature” and so on if I click one of these cardsI will see on the left a list of headlines related to the topic and thesubtopic of my main keyword and on the right alist of questions that the users have already searched in googlerelated to my topic and subtopic of course I don’t think I need to stressthe importance of knowing already what the customer painis so that you can answer using these words and these questionsinside of your content so that you can take advantage of theseand answer to the user search intent now let’s move to the keyword gap tool whichis a super useful tool to understand what the competition is doing, in thistool in fact you can put your domain and compare it immediately with four ofyour competitors domains you will see which keywords you have incommon which keywords they rank for that you don’tand it will give you a lot of insights on which keywords they’re targetingso to check the keyword gap tool let’s try with a little bit of differentexample here I’ve put as the root and the tool has already given me acouple of automatic competitors found of course by the tooland here below I will see a list of shared keywordsthat all three domains share now as you can see forexample for self-serve dog wash pet supermarket is not in top 10 butpet supplies and pet they are both in top 10 actually in top 5 so what I can do is add these keywordsto the keyword manager in the “dogwash” list as you can seeand I can do that with many other keywords that I can findin this very simple view in comparison with my competitors.

Once I have found the keywords that I want to try and rank for because I haveseen that my competitors are doing better than meI can use these keywords and put them back in the keyword magic tooland try and see which correlated keywords I can get as resultsthat I could maybe use into some of my contentso that I can try and rank better than I did before and maybe take some positionsfrom my competition Google ads keyword planner: inside yourgoogle ads account keyword planner presents youwith the two options “discover new keywords” and “get search volume andforecast” with these two options you can actuallyget insights into different search terms and see the estimated volume of clicksand impressions you could receive if you ran ads withthese keywords when you use this tool for keywordresearch you can search for terms and brands enter a domain to use as afilter and use other filters if you want to foran even more targeted search for even long tail keyword ideasthe tool will generate a list of keywords for you and it will also tellyou how much google ads competition there is for each keyword and how muchyou can expect to pay per click even if you’re not planning to run agoogle ads campaign this gives you a very good idea of howmuch each keyword is worth and how difficultit will be to rank for each keyword in organic resultsso if you want to start and just get an ideaI think that google’s keyword planner is definitelyone of the best places to start.

Now I know that what I’m about to say might sound a little old-fashioned or unorthodox but there are some alternative methods and some very easy tricks that don’t require any tools, for example, google’s autocomplete feature when you start typing something into Google search box it will already show you an adrop-down list of terms that people are already searching for and add extra words to your search them to generate more long-tail possibilities you can even adjust an extra tiny letter after you search them to see different autocomplete keywords as you can see here I have just started writing “best content marketing p” and I already have podcasts platforms practices programs so that I already know that there are at least three different ways I could go: podcast platforms and practices.

Another alternative method is to check google’s people also ask if google is showing what people ask there is something to learn when you do google searches always review the section of the SERPs and if I click on it I will get blog post an article that actually enters that specific query so once we have found the keywords with or without the tools don’t matter we should go over the list again and try and keep in mind the user search intent: what were these people looking for when they searched these long-tail keywords? what stage of the buying process where they? what would they hope to find? and most of all do your content answer the questions that they have? and a

bonus tips

pretty important it doesn’t matter how good the long-tail keyword you found if it doesn’t answer a specific question if it doesn’t answer to a need of your target audience it’s not gonna help you it’s actually gonna annoy the people that find your content because it doesn’t answer to that question don’t use it doesn’t matter how good it is and last but not least actually the

Most Important

the thing probably of this whole article is that you should use your long-tail keywords effectively what do I mean with effectively? they should look natural inside of the text your content your blog post or whatever shouldn’t be looking like it has been written by a robot because the users will notice that they will leave your website annoyed leaving you with no traffic and no conversions.

Use them naturallyput them in the title in the header in the sub header andpreferably even in the first paragraph and the first sentenceI know that you might have some questions about this like for example mylong-tail keyword doesn’t fit my title or it doesn’t soundnice in the sentence it sounds weird well I can only tell you to getas creative as you can use variations punctuationsturn the sentence in a different way so that you can actually fit that keywordthere and if it doesn’t fit the title in anypossible way even turning and using variation well just don’t worry too muchwhat’s important is that you never sacrifice the usefulnessand the readability of your content because the user isalways always the most important thing and that’s it that’s how you increaseyour traffic and conversion finding the best long tail keywords foryour project and let me know in the comments below ifyou have used any of the methods I outlined beforeif you have used any of the tools or in general what is your workflow I’msuper curious so I’ll be waiting for you in the comments and also don’t forget tolook in the description because as usual I’llbe putting there some super useful content resources blog posts articles so just check the description it’s always worthit and if you like this article please don’t forget to subscribe tothe website and activate the notification bell so that you nevermiss any of the content that will be posted thanks a lot for listeninghave a nice day and i’ll see you in the next article

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