Complete guide to withdraw money from Google AdSense (YouTube) (All errors fixed) 2020

what’s going on YouTube welcome to another very special ARTICLE because in this article I’m going to show you that complete process of withdrawing your money through Adsense and guys this ARTICLE issplitted into 3 steps the three most common problems which all of the YouTubers faces and this ARTICLE is also available in the ENGLISH version so guys let’s jump into the

step 1

so guys as you can see I am in my youtube studio and in my analytics and I am hiding my info here because it is the rule of the youtube to hide your income or your estimated revenue but my last 28 days income is in two digits so my last 28 income is in two digits but when I go to my Adsense account I am showing you so guys please wait so let me switch my account so guys are on the main page of AdSensethe homepage of Adsense as you can see my balance is zero and here again I am hiding my information so here my balance is zero but the last 28 days estimated my YouTube revenue is in two digits so guys what’s the problem so it is not a problem that transactions happens between the YouTube and the Adsensehappens on 12th of every month so as you guys know today is the 8th of the February so on the 12 of the Feb all of my estimated revenue from YouTubewill be transferred into my Adsense account so as your problem 1 has been solved let’s jump into the


step 2

so guys is the 2nd most common problem which allof the youtubers faces is that when you sign in to your adsense account here atthe top you will receive an error message with the red background and themessage will be your payments are on hold please add payment method toreceive payments and the error will be same like it is showing in thescreenshot as you can see on your screen so as again it’s not a problem you cansolve at your own just follow my steps so after signing in to your adsenseaccount just go to the payment section here and then guys scroll down a bit andthat is here you will see manage settings then click on it and I justscroll down and here is payments profile here is payment profile and guys hereyou will see name and address so guys here you have to mention your real namewhich is on your national identity card and your real address which is on yournational identity card so wise if you give any fake information you will notreceive any money from the Adsense so as you haveto give the accurate information which is on your national identity card thenguys after giving the accurate information go again to the paymentsection and guys here click on manage payment methodsso after open it and as you can see I have selected the Western Union optionbecause it is the best option to receive payment from the Adsense but you willnot see the Western Union option because you haven’t select any payment method soyou will see only this option add payment method so guys click on it and guyshere you will be having three methods the first one will be the Western Unionoption the second one is the add new wire transfer details and the third one isadd new check details so you have to select the Western Union option thenafter selecting the Western Union option you have to give your real name a realfirst name and the real last name which is on your identity card and here youhave to select that I agree thaat I am giving the right name which is on mynational identity card then check it and then click on OKso guys is here your your problem 2 has been solved and lets guys jump into the

step 3

yes guys that third most common problem which all of the youtubers facesis that you have given the right name the right address which is on youridentity card and you have selected the payment method and all of your youtubeestimated revenue is transferred into your AdSense account but you are notreceiving money in any payment method which you have selected so guys again itis not a problem because the transaction happens between the adsense to yourselected payment method whether it is the Western Union or the wire transfermethod or it is in cheque method so the transaction happens between the AdSense toyour payment method it happens on 21st ofevery month so you don’t have to worry on the 21st you’re all income will betransferred into your selected payment method from Adsense and guys how you cansee if your money has been transferred or notso after signing in to your adsense account go to the payment section andhere you can see the view transaction so I click on it and I start down and thenguys scroll down is make sure you are visiting to see your money on the 21stof month on a 21st of month as you guys can see the last month here are all thetransactions of the last month and guys as you can see this transaction happenedon the 21st of Jan so I received my money the last month income from theAdsense on the 21st as you can see and on the 21st when you will be checkingyour income so here you will receive a message automatic payment and guys ifyou are not receiving this message on the 21st of the month so as you have towait for one or two days because probably adsense send your money on the21st but it may take one or two days but in rare case but mostly adsense and sendmoney to you on the 21st of every month so wise when you will be received thismessage so guys click on it and here all all information which is which isnecessary to receive money from the Western Union and guys here you can seeat the bottom bring the following with you so here it so as if you arereceiving money from the Western Union so here is your MTCN number and guysthis number is so important to receive money from the Western Union and youridentity card and you have to bring your identity card with you and guywhen the Western Union agent ask from you which is your sender that means whosend you money so as you have to say Google asia-pacific send me money so guysyou have to take two things with you who are MTCN number and you are CNIC numberit means your national identity card and you have to remember you’re the whatpayment sender which is a Google asia-pacific you canreceive money from any Western Union franchise in your country afteranalyzing and fixing these three issues which I have told in the ARTICLE I am sureyou will receive your income from the Adsense so guys that’s all about thisARTICLE thanks for watching like this ARTICLE and subscribe my WIBSITE for morecool ARTICLEs like this

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