All about Cricket [ History, Rules ]

All about Cricket [ History, Rules ]

Cricket is one of the best game in the world which played between two teams, each team how 11 players for playing the game.

This is the game which is more popular in the world.
England is the father of cricket because for the first time England played cricket game.

If you follow Cricket game than You should get more information about this Game.

Type of cricket match

For the first time when Cricket has started in England, there were only two types of match
First-class end test, but now we have six categories in the cricket game and three are the basic categories of cricket game.

Additional type of cricket match

  1. one day international
  2. Twenty international
  3. Test international

1: One Day international

• One-day international Match is one of the best types of cricket which is most interesting for the cricket fans.

• One Day international game includes fifty overs for each innings. One day international games is list A games, in this type of games all the cricket teams have ODI status.

2: Twenty International 

• In the international Cricket history the first short type of cricket game is Twenty which is not boring for Cricket fans.
This type of Cricket match is one of the best. because the twenty game get more fans than the Test and ODI

3: Test International

• The third type of cricket game Is Test International match which affair’s five days, but it is not interesting for the cricket fans because it is more boring than the 20 and ODI.

Wide Ball

• When the bowler put the bowl without the target area this Is wide bowl.
Wide Ball is more important option in the Cricket game which is more important for both team. If the bowl put from outside of the line in this time The team lost one score.

International Cricket Council

• International cricket council is the world governing body of cricket which Is found 1909, This council has 104 members. Twelve of which are Full members who play test matches and 92 of Associated members in this Council. This council Have Responsibility to solve the problem which happened in the Cricket.

Fans Of Cricket

• In the 21st century the Cricket games get more fans in all the world especially from that country which have Cricket Team at international level.

All About World Cup

1: ODI International World Cup

• The first ODI international Cricket world cup how being played in 1975, West Indies on the first two editions of World Cup 1975 and 1979.

• The 1979 world cup was the second edition of the world cup in the Cricket history, it was held in England from 9 to 23 June 1979, this world Cup Champion by west indies

• The 1983 World cup was the 3rd edition of world cup Which played in England and won by India, This world cup Is started from 9 to 25 June 1983.

• In the 8 October of 1987, the fourth edition of World Cup has started which Has won By Australia, This world cup was played in India and Pakistan.

• The Fifth edition of world Cup Was started from 22 February to 25 March 1992. this world Cup was held in New Zealand and Australia and won by Pakistan.
• The 1996 Cricket World Cup is the sixth edition of World cup Which has played in 1996 and won by Srilanka.

• The Seventh edition of Cricket world cup known as ICC cricket world Cup Which has played in 1999 and won by By Australia.

• The 2003 Cricket world cup was the eight Cricket world cup Which has organized by International Cricket Council and its won by Australia.

• The 2007 World Cup is the 9th Edition of The Cricket world cup Which has organized Cricket council, it was held in West Indies and its also won by Australia.

• The 10th edition of the Cricket world cup has started in 2011 we which has played in India and won by India also. India Defeated Sri Lanka by 6 wickets in the Final.

• The 11th edition of Cricket is started in 2015 in Australia and won by Australia also.

• In the last world Cup has started in 2019 which was held in England and Wales and won by England also.

• Australia is the most successful team in the one-day international cricket history. For five-time they winning the world cup for seven-time they played final.

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