7 Tips to Build a Highly Profitable Online Business – Make Money Online with This System

How to build a highly profitable business and make money online, and in this article, I’m gonna be showing you seven moves, seven things that you must have if you wanna take your business whole new level, and if you watch till the end of this article, you’ll see why, by just applying one of these seven things, it will make all the difference for your business and in your life. – technopasht.- is here.

However, if you have a unique mechanism, that is what’s gonna separate and differentiate you, your product, and your brand from everyone else. So if you think about, for example, let’s say weight loss.

The ingredients is the commodity, and the commodity’s red ocean, so if you said that the key to weight loss in the keto diet is ketones, then what your audience will be thinking would be, “Well, okay, so let me go get ketones, “which is available in pretty much every other “keto supplement product out there,” so without the unique mechanism, you’re going to be in a red ocean.

So, the first thing to ask yourself in order to build an ultra-profitable business is, “What is my unique mechanism?” And the unique mechanism can’t be a commodity.

It can’t be an ingredient.

It needs to be something that’s proprietary.

Right, what is the thing that makes it proprietary? Is it the way it’s being delivered? Is it because it comes with some sort of training, a 90-day action plan? Is it because you are going to be put in a community where it’s fun and exciting to do workouts and consume this product together? Does it come with a 21-day challenge that enables you to track your progress of weight loss? Does it come with a live event, where you’re able to meet other peers that isin this same movement as you? You see, these different things are what will make a product or a commodity unique.

So, for me, to give you an example, so a couple of months back, we launched this challenge called the article Challenge.

The topic, the part that’sred ocean, is video marketing.

Right, think about VideoMareting for a second. There are tens and thousands of free content on video marketing on how to optimize a video, how to shoot an article, how to do all things related to video marketing.

What if I could deliver (bell dinging)training on video marketing? But what if I turned it into a challenge, a 21-day challenge, where they would put in a community, where there are prizes to be won.

They’ll post their videos up. They’ll be able to compare with other people that’s on the same challenge, so video marketing was the red ocean, but I created a unique mechanism to deliver that product.

Number two, number two is something that I learned in one of my first, I would say, 100 websites.

That would be time.

So, how can you turn your messaging that attracts the right audience? For example, let’s say I am a videographer, and I wanted to teach people video editing, okay, so I created this product, eight hours long, teaching people video editing.

Now, to market this product, there are two ways to do it.

Method number one would be,”Hey, I’ve got a product “that will teach you how to create videos.



“Therefore, you do not need to hire your own videographers. “Therefore, you can create your own videos “and create marketing videos on a budget.” That’s the first angle.

Second angle would be, “One of the best ways to get ROI “as a business owner would be through creating ads “that is actually compelling, that stand out, “that is a pattern interrupt, that stops people “from scrolling when they’re scrolling on Facebook. “What if I could show you how to create “this simply 59-second videos that will hook your audience, “help you get more leads, and help you get more visibility “as well as sales.” You could be selling the same thing, but notice the different messaging angles that will, in turn, attract different audiences.

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